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OneFactor-e Modules: Central Factor

Central Factor is the center point of the OneFactor-e product line. Central Factor consists of a loader and a database. In an effort to utilize much of the same technology as the Internet, Central Factor uses one of the most widely-adopted databases of the Internet - MySQL. MySQL conforms to OneFactor-e's ability to run on multiple platforms in that it can run on Windows 95, 98, NT; Linux; Solaris; and HP-UX. Because the Central Factor database uses the industry standard JDBC to connect to the database, iFAB will soon support Oracle 8i on Linux, Solaris, and Windows. Central Factor's data loader has error handling capability for data file as well as detailed logging. It can even function as a flat file database employing an organized directory structure. As files are parsed, the header information is extracted from the file, such as Lot Number, Wafer ID, Process Step. Based on a filepath template that the user can generate, directories and files are dynamically created. These organized directories provide a faster method to retrieve files with the Defect Factor module. Central Factor is in Beta testing.







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