If you like what the OneFactor-e line of products offer but you have strong needs for additional features sooner than what the OneFactor-e product cycle allows for, you can fund the development of those features directly.


Customer-Funded Product Cycle

The process to get your features implemented into the OneFactor-e product line is simple if it is strictly adhered to.

  1. Contact Zenpire Sales ( contact page ) with your intentions to request "customer-funded features".
  2. A Design Deposit is required from you to display the seriousness of your interest; the partially-refundable deposit is determined by your Zenpire sales person.
  3. The sales person will send you (via mail or e-mail) a Functional Requirements Specification (FRS). Basically, this is just a document which allows you to explain what features you want added and how you think they should be implemented.
  4. Zenpire will respond with an Engineering Design Specification will detail how, or if, the features can be implemented within the OneFactor-e framework on a feature-by-feature basis.
  5. The Zenpire sales person will respond with a price to implement your customizations. You are able to increase or decrease the features you want added to fit into your price range. The Functional Requirements Specification should reflect these changes. Both you and Zenpire Marketing must approve the FRS in writing.
  6. You and Zenpire Engineering and Sales will negotiate feature implementation and both parties will sign off on a Product Plan created by Zenpire Marketing and Engineering. This Product Plan has the timeline and resource allocation for the features to be implemented.
  7. You must provide sample data to test functionality during development.
  8. After the features have been coded, the "engineering version" is sent to you for your testing.
  9. You are able to respond to Zenpire on its performance, and request revisions.
  10. When all the features have be proven to function as described in the Function Request Specification, final payment from you is required.

This seems like many steps, but it is the best process to ensure that your features will be added to our product exactly the way you had in mind when you envisioned them. It is a highly negotiated process. Zenpire Sales, Engineering, and Marketing tries to be extremely professional in its treatment of its product development, and we expect the same from our customers.








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