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OneFactor-e Modules: Setup Factor

Placing die on the wafer and logical area within the die can be a time-consuming procedure. Setup Factor provides tools to simplify the task with an intuitive, graphical-user interface. By clicking the mouse on a position within a wafer display, a die is added to that display. The wafer setup also allows for placing die by positioning the reticles on the wafer and then the die within the reticle to simplify the wafer setup procedure. Using the reticle placement feature, each die is given a unique index within the reticle for identification and overlay analysis in the future.

Setup Factor also has a die-layout tool . Areas within the die can be positioned, labeled, and saved for loading into any analysis tool . Typical areas might include: DRAM, CPU, cache, flash, pads, etc. This tool provides the foundation for logic mapping which can determine if any defects are located within the memory structure of an inspection region or die.

Setup Factor can also be used to lay out areas of the panel in the flat panel industry.







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