Contributor Program

Do you have some methodology to perform analysis on defects, bit failures, flat panel pixel failures, bin sort failures? You can take advantage of OneFactor-e's plug-in architecture to implement you ideas. OneFactor-e modules have an Application Programming Interface (API) that allows you to interact with its internal data structures. OneFactor-e modules also allow dynamic loading of Java classes to enable this interaction at runtime. In other words, the users run OneFactor-e to collect the data and then load the code you create and compile (using a variety of free Java development tools) to perform their analysis all while using the original OneFactor-e user interface.

If you have not programmed in Java before and are intimidated by the task of learning Java, check out our Java Links and Resources page. Also, contact Zenpire to request information about programming in Java. You will find out that there are many tools and information available for free for you to experiment and develop your ideas using Java. OneFactor-e is proof of that.

The analysis plug-in(s) you develop are available to be exclusively downloaded from the Zenpire web-site and leased exactly the same as the OneFactor-e framework applications. You will receive royalties on the software that is leased. Zenpire will invoice the customers and handle your plug-in's activation while you develop bigger and better versions of the plug-in at home. Zenpire and its customers benefit from your know-how and you build name recognition in the industry.

Contact the Zenpire Contributor Relations Representative to inquire about the Contributor Program.


Defect, Yield and Test Consultants

There will be instances where customers will want people to come in and use the OneFactor-e product with other tools to solve yield, process, and test flow issues. Zenpire needs people with flexible schedules to fill these customer needs. Zenpire will act as a referral agent to a list of qualified consultants.

As part of the application process, you will need to provide a detailed resume and a wage and travel requirements. Zenpire will train you on the OneFactor-e products and list your qualifications on the Zenpire web site (at your request). When customers request Zenpire for personnel assistance, if you qualify for their basic requirements, your portfolio will be sent to the customer where they will make a selection. Zenpire will contact you and discuss terms. If terms are acceptable, the customer will hire you directly as an independent contractor. Zenpire will only act as a referral source not as an agent. A referral fee will charged from you after your contract is started. This fee covers the administration of the referral process.

Contact the Zenpire Independent Consultant Representative to inquire about being added to Consultant Referral List.








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