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OneFactor-e Modules: Test Factor

Controlling testers and wafer-handlers in production and engineering modes, Test Factor uses its plug-in architecture to communicate to a variety of handlers from Electroglas, Kensington, and Wentworth via the serial, ethernet, and soon to be included GPIB connections. Since the OneFactor-e modules are so flexible, additional handler interfaces with their protocols are easy to add and will be added as installations increase. Tester interfaces are being developed for those handlers able to be controlled by the serial, ethernet, or GPIB connections. Information on requesting the creation of those custom interfaces can be found here . Test Factor provides the foundation for a common interface for different test systems on a test floor supporting a variety of computer platforms (Windows 95, 98, NT; Solaris; HP-UX; Linux; Apple). Teamed up with the Linux operating system, Test Factor offers the least expensive, high performance test controller available.







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