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OneFactor-e Modules: Utilities Factor

Experience working in fabs has suggested that small tools which are used repeatedly to assist a product are never included in the analysis product. Utilities Factor addresses this issue with a handful of necessary tools bundled in a single module. Getting the data from another node on the network has typically been a struggle. Utilities Factor includes an FTP client which allows users to log into FTP server to place and get data. Compression and encryption of data is a major concern with those who must move data from a foundry to a customer. Utilities Factor can ZIP, GZIP files and encrypt/decrypt files as well (encryption might be disabled for customers outside of the United States). Also included is a word processor, an e-mail client, a file search and replace tool , and many other utilities too numerous to mention. No other software packages such as "Hummingbird", "WinZip", " Microsoft Word" need be purchased for each workstation at the site.







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